Задания составлены из расчета на то, что за все задания можно набрать 100 баллов.

Задания для заочного тура олимпиады "Учитель школы будущего" (2011)

I.​ Read the text. For Questions 1-20, decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space.

    On Friday I finished work earlier than usual. As the weather was fine I decided to take a walk. While I (pass)1 one of the pubs, I understood that I not (eat) 2 anything since morning. So I entered the pub and saw men and women (sit) 3 at tables over a glass of beer. The beer (bring)4 soon, but as I not (be) 5 in the bar before, I took a look around. Almost every seat (occupy) 6. Some time passed and I was about to leave the bar when it began raining. I (wait) 7 for ten minutes, but the rain not (stop) 8. It was very strange because there (be) 9 no clouds in the sky and yet it (rain) 10 hard. I could not go out as I not (take)11 an umbrella with me. I expected the rain (stop) 12 soon as it (rain) 13 for half an hour already. But then I thought that I (may)14 be late and left the bar. I walked a few steps and then stopped in surprise. There (be) 15 no rain. All the time I (sit) 16 in the bar, there (be) 17 no rain at all! But not far from the front door of the bar an elderly woman (sit) 18 comfortably on a chair. She (hold) 19 a hose* linked to a tap. She was watering the pavement in front of the bar. The barman wanted people (stay) 20 in his bar as long as possible and his trick worked with me as well.

*a hose - шланг


A)​ passing

B)​ was passing

C)​ am passing

D)​ had been passing


A)​ hadn't eaten

B)​ didn't eat

C)​ not had eaten

D)​ wasn't eating


A)​ to sit

B)​ sitting

C)​ were sitting

D)​ to be sitting


A)​ brought

B)​ had brought

C)​ had been brought

D)​ was brought


A) was

B) wasn't

C) hadn't been

D) would have been


A)​ is occupied

B)​ be occupied

C)​ was occupied

D)​ had occupied


A)​ had waited

B)​ waited

C)​ had been waiting

D)​ waiting


A)​ didn't stop

B)​ hadn't stopped

C)​ wasn't stopped

D)​ won't stop


A)​ are

B)​ weren't

C)​ were

D)​ aren't


A)​ wasn't raining

B)​ was rained

C)​ rained

D)​ was raining


A)​ wouldn't take

B)​ hadn't taken

C)​ had been taken

D)​ didn't take


A)​ to stop

B)​ will stop

C)​ stopped

D)​ stop


A)​ had been raining

B)​ was raining

C)​ is raining

D)​ would be raining


A)​ may

B)​ might

C)​ will may

D)​ might have been


A)​ had been

B)​ would be

C)​ is

D)​ was


A)​ is sitting

B)​ sitting

C)​ had been sitting

D)​ were sitting


A)​ was

B)​ wasn't

C)​ had been

D)​ hadn't been


A)​ was sitting

B)​ is sitting

C)​ had sitting

D)​ sat


A)​ was helding

B)​ holding

C)​ was held

D)​ was holding


A)​ stay

B)​ to stay

C)​ staying

D)​ stayed

II.​ Read the text. For Questions 1-15, decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space.


Doctors in Britain are warning of an 1) __________ time bomb, when children, who are already overweight, grow up. The government feels it has to take 2) _____________ for this expanding problem.

The cheerful Mr Pickwick, the hero of the novel by Charles Dickens, is seen in illustrations as someone who is plump - and happy. But nowadays being overweight is no 3)____________ of beauty.
So what should we do? Some people say that physical activity is the key for 4)_________ the risks of being overweight. Doctors agree that being inactive is as serious a risk factor in heart disease as smoking.
5) _________________, gyms and workouts can also cause a lot of harm.
There's new evidence for that.







A)​ obesing

B)​ obesity

C)​ obesing

D)​ obesed


A)​ responsible

B)​ responsive

C)​ responsibility

D)​ response


A)​ indication

B)​ indicating

C)​ indicative

D)​ indicator


A)​ reduction

B)​ reduced

C)​ reducer

D)​ reducing


A)​ fortunate

B)​ fortunately

C)​ unfortunate

D)​ unfortunately


Scientists today have no doubt that lack of sleep influences _________ our ability to concentrate.

A) on B) in C) at D) ---


Her ravishing beauty took his breath ____________.

A) away B) up C) from D) off


You should apply _________ the advertised position within two days.

A) with B) to C) on D)for


I've never felt so comfortably ______________ ease at a party.

A) in B) with C) on D) at


We checked ____________ at 5 a.m. to catch the 7 a.m. flight to London.

A) in B) up C) for D) out


We were thinking about going to Switzerland, but _______the end we went to Austria.

A) at B) in C) on D) by


They arrived _______ a warm summer morning.

A) on B) in C) to D) at


We had a heated discussion about it for hours and eventually arrived ______a decision.

A) to B) in C) at D) for


Our neighbours decided to put their house ________sale.

A) on B) to C) for D) at


I hope, you'll come for sure, please don't let me ______.

A) in B) out C) down D)off


The questions seemed easy _______ first sight, but in fact they were not.

A) on B) in C) from D) at


This sort of hot and spicy food is very typical ________ Mexico.

A) with B) to C) for D) of


Why not take ______ some sport for a change?

A) on B) over C) for D) up


She nagged me so much for a new dress that eventually I gave _______to her.

A) in B) up C) for D) out


Gina and Tim always quarrel but surprisingly always make it _______ soon after.

A) in B) for C) over D) up


In our modern and highly competitive world even young people ________ from stress.

A) hurt B) ache C) feel D) suffer


Doctors say, your body needs a period of rest to repair itself and ___________ it from getting tired.

A) delay B) prevent C) avoid D) slow


If you have some trouble in getting to sleep, try reading a book to calm your mind or _________ some exercise and avoid tea, coffee before bedtime.

A) take B) train C) make D) use


For teenagers it is more important than __________ to be successful at school if you hope to have a chance in the job market.

A) never B) ever C)whenever D) forever


There are different ways to ________ with stress.

A) manage B) control C) carry D) deal


Most viewers today are ___________ to shopping, being influenced by adverts and TV commercials.

A) keen B) addicted C) interested D) devoted


Imagine a day without shopping. Can you really buy absolutely __________ for just one day?

A) anything B) nothing C) something D)no one


"A day without laughter is a day _______", Charlie Chaplin once said.

A) thrown B) exhausted C)wasted D) absent


She didn't mind your coming late. ________, it wasn't your fault.

A) Besides B) However C) As well D) Beside


He sits all day long in front of the telly, he's a real _____________ potato!

A) hot B) roast C)couch D) baked


Entrance to the museum is free of _________ at weekends.

A) money B) costs C)charge D) price


The amount of violence in media, be it the television, movies or video games, _______ aggressive tendencies in teenagers.

A) rose B) rises C) raises D) have raised


Teona is going to Cambridge next week and I'm _________ with envy.

A) blue B) black C) green D) red


Tim was a young sailor on his first sea __________.

A) trip B) travel C) journey D) voyage


_______ after you left there was a phone call for you.

A) Shortly B) Short C) Shorter D) Shortest


I tried to decide ________ I wanted most: a meal or sleep.

A) what B) that C) whose D) which


Something smells _______. What are you cooking?

A) so strange B) so strangely C) such strange D) such strangely


Lots of people tend to agree that media _________ responsible for creating ideals about body image.

A) is B) was C) are D) has


Social networking sites promote communication with friends and family and let people ____________ new relationships.

A) creation B)create C) to create D) creating


He does as _______ as possible at work.

A) few B) less C) little D) a little


She has never been to the opera, ______ .

A)​ neither have I B) so have I C) neither I have D) I have neither


Unless some extra money ________, the theatre will close.

A) is found B) isn't found C) is founded D) will be found


He often has to help his sister, __________ ?

A) does he B) has he C) hasn’t he D) doesn’t he


There was silence at __________ end of the phone.

A) another B) farther C) the other D) others


He looked at ________ of us in turn.

A) every B) each C) all D) both


We never go out. We are at home _________ .

A) all the time B) every time C) always D) usually


____________ visit this part of the town.

A) The most tourists B) Most of tourists C) Many of tourists D) Most tourists


____________ was day already, but he was still in bed.

A) There B) This C) That D) It


She thanked him for ___________ he had done for her.

A) all what B) all that C) that what D) ----


She was ___________ child.

A) five years old B) a five-year C) a five-years-old D) a five-year-old


It's been ______ very mild and sunny autumn this year.

A) an B) the C) --- D) a


This resort is popular with _____ rich and famous.

A) the B) a C) --- D) an


Like all families we have our bad times, but on _____ whole, we're happy.

A) a B) --- C) an D) the


Toronto is the main port of ______ Lake Ontario.

A) --- B) the C) an D) a


Have you ever been to ______ southern England?

A) the B) a C) an D) ---


____ Cyprus is an independent state east of Greece.

A) the B) --- C) a D) an


Dad always reads _____ Times at breakfast.

A) a B) an C) --- D) the


It's a fantastic idea, I'll keep it in _____ mind.

A) the B) a C) --- D) an


Our visit to _____ Hermitage was really unforgettable.

A) the B) a C) an D) ---


Welcome to our hotel, here's your key - ______Room 307.

A) --- B) the C) a D) an


My boyfriend drives ________ Ferrari.

A) the B) a C) --- D) an


Can I talk to _____ Professor Lewis?

A) the B) a C) an D) ---


The door creaked and they began to speak in _____ .

A) a low voice B) low voices C) low voice D) a lower voice


I don’t like ______ changeable weather.

A) so B) such C) such a D) so a


Every day ______ school begins at 9 and finishes at 3.

A) --- B) the C) a D) at


Oh, darling, I love you so much. _____ me?

A) Are you marrying B) May you marry C) Will you marry

D) Do you marry


I have not travelled much yet; however, I ___________ the Grand Canyon and San Francisco by the time I leave the United States next year.

A) will visit B) visit C) have visited D) will have visited


I _______ many photos and pictures of the pyramids before I went to Egypt.

A) have seen B) had seen C) see D) will see


In the last hundred years, travelling __________ much easier, more comfortable and convenient.

A) has become B) will become C) became D) becomes


I wonder when ________. Do you know?

A) will they come B) came they C) did they come D) they will come


Who ________ in this creepy place before us?

A) did live B) does live C) lived D) lives


Would you please ________ here any more.

A) not come B) don't come C) not to come D) not coming


I saw her ______ those expensive shoes! I want them too!

A) to try B) tried C) has tried D) trying


I can’t stop my daughter _______ lies.

A) to tell B) telling C) tell D) will tell


Let’s go to the cinema tonight, ________ ?

A) will we B) don’t we C) shall we D) won’t we


When I am on holiday, I enjoy _________ to get up early.

A) to have not B) having not C) not having D) not to have


There _______ interesting on TV lately.

A) isn’t anything B) is nothing C) hasn’t been anything D) was nothing


They seem ________ plenty of money.

A) to have B) having C) have got D) having got


He ______ waiting for you.

A) has still been B) is still C) still is D) still has been


He asked me ________ .

A) since when I was waiting B) how long I have been waiting

C) since when I waited D) how long I had been waiting


1.​ B

2.​ A

3.​ B

4.​ D

5.​ C

6.​ C

7.​ B

8.​ A

9.​ C

10.​ D

11.​ B

12.​ A

13.​ A

14.​ B

15.​ D

16.​ C

17.​ C

18.​ A

19.​ D

20.​ B

21.​ B

22.​ C

23.​ A

24.​ D

25.​ D

26.​ D

27.​ A

28.​ D

29.​ D

30.​ D

31.​ B

32.​ A

33.​ C

34.​ C

35.​ C

36.​ D

37.​ D

38.​ D

39.​ A

40.​ D

41.​ D

42.​ B

43.​ A

44.​ B

45.​ D

46.​ B

47.​ B

48.​ C

49.​ A

50.​ C

51.​ C

52.​ C

53.​ C

54.​ D

55.​ A

56.​ D

57.​ A

58.​ C

59.​ B

60.​ C

61.​ A

62.​ A

63.​ D

64.​ C

65.​ B

66.​ A

67.​ D

68.​ D

69.​ B

70.​ D

71.​ D

72.​ A

73.​ D

74.​ A

75.​ D

76.​ B

77.​ D

78.​ C

79.​ A

80.​ A

81.​ B

82.​ D

83.​ B

84.​ B

85.​ A

86.​ C

87.​ D

88.​ B

89.​ A

90.​ D

91.​ C

92.​ A

93.​ D

94.​ B

95.​ C

96.​ C

97.​ C

98.​ A

99.​ B

100.​ D